June 8, 2017
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Ruby on Rails Development

As the title has shown, now we will talk about the development of Ruby on Rails. At this point, we will talk about how Ruby on Rail becomes the popular framework for web development due to its background benefits. Previously, it is known that Ruby on Rails is the leading programming language which can be used to build your website well. Moreover, it is known that this programming language is very efficient and easy to use.

As the consequence, Rails use Ruby programming language of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to create the web application which runs on a web server. Talking about the development of this programming language, Ruby on Rails seems to offer the advanced technology in building the web server. Rails itself becomes so much popular among web startups.

Besides, the development of Ruby on Rails includes the advance benefit by using this programming language. For this reason, it is known that Ruby is very efficient to use as it does not require a lot of extra punctuation. Ruby is less code which allows you to create the basic structures like data fields. It is also the modern language which uses high-level abstractions.

What is Ruby on Rails Development Principles?

Talking about the principles of Ruby on Rails development may resulting in the explanation about how is the actual shape of this programming language. Indeed, the development of this language has its principles as well. Thus, if you are curious about this thing, then you can check the explanation below.

  • Convention Over Configuration

Ruby on Rails uses the principle of “convention over configuration” which means that this programming language has the default concept or setting without the user intervention. This principle is also related with the opinionated principle. As a result, Ruby on Rails uses the convention which allows the user to create the object with the specific name without any configuration required. Indeed, you do not need to set up the configuration again as Ruby on Rails will make your task becomes easier than before. In contrast, unlike Ruby on Rails, Java web application frameworks use the multiple configurations with many settings as well.

  • Rails is Opinionated

As an “opinionated” web application, Rails provide the fewer decisions to make and a web application developer should solve the problem by their owns. As the consequence, this is great as it helps to promote the development, making the easier maintenance, and promoting the collaboration.

  • Rails is Omakase

Another principle of Ruby on Rails development is the term “Omakase”. So, what is the meaning of omakase? Well, it is known that omakase is the Japanese phrase which means “I’ll leave it to you.” This phrase is the common words for customers at the sushi restaurants who is entrusting the chef to make a pleasing food. In the same way with Ruby on Rails, the chefs will design the APIs and arrange the full-stack framework. Indeed, Ruby on Rails is such a well formed web application.

  • Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY

Have you ever heard the term of “DRY”? Well, the acronym DRY is formulated by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas with Rails developers in which the term means the principle of software development which is being used to avoid the duplication. Moreover, by avoiding duplication, it allows the application to prevent the complex situation and the unintended behavior (bugs) and makes the user easier to maintain.

  • The Obscurity of Conventions?

As a beginner in the programming world, you may take many benefits while using the conventions. However, a skilled programmer may look at the conventions as the obscurity. At this point, an occurrence in the application building can be explained by the code while conventions just do the magic. In this case, conventions enable to change the data from a class named “person” to be saved to a data table named “people”. Hence, this principle of Ruby on Rails may make the skilled programmer is being confused as they need more reveals about the code as well.

After talking about the principles of Ruby on Rails, now you can have a look at the Trends on this programming language below.

What are Trends on Ruby on Rails Development?

The development of programming language becomes so advanced as there are much building of new languages and frameworks recently. As a result, many of them is useful while the others seem not a big deal, too. Thus, how about the presence of Ruby and Rails? Then, let’s check the explanation below!

As we will talk about the trend of Ruby on Rails development, then we use Rubygems as the official package manager for Ruby to show the actual status of the development of this programming language. Besides, Rubygems will show the total number or gems created, most popular gems, and also for the total number of downloads.

As a result, the development of Ruby on Rails in the 5 years to prior to 2015 was on rising. However, on 2015 the trend of the growth is being decreased than before. At this point, there is a saying that people leave Ruby and going for another language such as Elixir, Node, and other similar languages. In contrast, total downloads of this programming languages are increased as it reaches 262M total downloads in December of 2015. Incredible, isn’t it?

Unlike Ruby on Rails, other frameworks are low on downloads they are not so popular as Rails or Sinatra. As a matter of fact, Volt which is the reactive web framework still lacks for features including SQL database support so that this programming language is under heavy development. Same as Lotus which is not actively used yet, this programming language is not stable although it is cleaner and an object-oriented alternative to Rails.

What Can Be Built by Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails as the leading programming language is beneficial to create the web applications based on the framework. However, Ruby on Rails can do more than that. Hence, to find out what things that can be built by using the Ruby on Rails development, then you can read the following statements below.

  • Builds a Complex Website

It is known that Ruby on Rails is valuable to build the complex website and it is the efficient programming language as well. Moreover, this programming language also allows you to build the database for sure.

  • Builds Web Application

As Ruby on Rails works on the database, then you can use this programming language as the web application server. As the consequence, you can add features to your website that have been developed by other people. At this point, Rails use the web server to deliver CSS, HTML, and JavaScript which are stored on the server to create a web application. This one is also organized using Rails principal which is the conventions as well.

  • Builds Your Brand

The use of Ruby on Rails development is being increased as developers use this to start their personal brand. The sites with Rails is such a good way to start your web development career.

To summarize, now you have read the explanation about Ruby on Rails Development. Consequently, now you have learned the principles and trends of Ruby on Rails as the programming language. Thus, if you want to gain experience or learning some new things, then you can try to code your website by using this Ruby on Rails for sure. Moreover Ruby on Rails is now considered as one of the leading programming languange framework