May 17, 2017
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How To Learn Ruby Programming On Your Own

# Introduction

So there you are. A beginner who want to start learning Ruby programming. But you are one of them who don’t have enough money that is needed to enroll a university lecture.

Or, you are one of them who has jobs to do in your daily routine so you can’t attend class regularly. Or, you are one of them, who, despite wanting so much to learn about Ruby programming, has many obstacles lining up ahead that makes it harder to study it like what you’ve done in school, campus, or etc. So to put it simply, you want to learn it on your own. Without having to attend class, paying money (well, at least not as much as you would paid if you want to enroll in a class), or having this nervousness of getting task done while being watched by your lecturers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin your Ruby learning journey on your own! Here’s some guidance, or at least some tips, for you to learn Ruby programming by your own.

#1 Utilize Your Internet Connection

Having internet in your hands is really helpful. We can utilize it as our ‘Swiss-army knife’ to learn Ruby on our own. First, we can look for online courses to help us learn Ruby . We will give you some good sources that give you the courses of Ruby  programming from the basic.

Codeacademy: Learning by Coding on Your Own

Codeacademy is a place where you can learn a lot of programming languages on your own. We can also learn Ruby programming too on there. Learning Ruby in this site is quite simple and straightforward. You will be given some texts to read (which includes basic description about the syntax of Ruby programming you are currently learning on, task you need to do, and the examples of how to use that syntax), problems to solve, a real-time code editor and also output viewer which will show you how your code would be if you run it on a computer. In order to pass your learning phase, you will need to typed or edit some code to produced specific output which is demanded in your lecture. If you typed the wrong syntax, incorrectly typed the wrong data, or something else, the viewer will shows you which part in your code is wrong, and then you will need to fix it. What’s better is, if you face some difficulty writing your code, or can’t even understand what should you write, Codeacademy provide you a Q n A forums which can be used to help you solve a problems you are currently facing on.

Freecodecamp: Learn and Challenge Yourself

Freecodecamp is quite alike Codeacademy. But the differences here is that in Freecodecamp, you can get a lot of helpful guide not only via tutorial, but also from live chatting with others user via Github. You can also skip the learning section if you think you’ve already mastered that, which is different from Codeacademy that requires you to complete it step by step. Well, you can comeback to previous study materials too. But you can’t skip it. Enhance your learning by learning in Freecodecamp to, which is very intuitive and also good to enrich your learning.

Codefights: Test Your Coding Skills!

Codefights is place to test your skills in Ruby programming. Like what it’s name, Codefights is place for you to fights problems. You will be given a sets of problems in Ruby, that you need to solve it in order to level up, get points, and of course unlock the next level to test out how far you have conquered Ruby. By visiting and playing the challenge in this site, you can know for sure how far you’ve mastered Ruby. This site will test you with different kinds of problems, which you can solve as free as you wanted to, as long as your solution is producing the expected output.

Codewars: Train With Programming Kata

Codewars is another good site to train your skills in Ruby programming. You need to sign up first, but before you can sign up, you must solve one problems in Ruby! Doesn’t it sounds challenging? You When you’ve successfully tackle the first problem, then you can sign up and after that you can challenge yourself. Routinely visiting and solving problems in Codewars will also give you a good exercise to master Ruby programming.

# 2 Plan Your Routine Effectively

To master Ruby programming, you can’t simply snap your fingers. You need to train and learn, which is why time management is important too. Allocate several hours each day to learn Ruby. Even one hour is important for you to learn. By regularly learning it, your synapses will become stronger and it means you have a well-prepared brain to learn.

Remembering will become easier, recalling your knowledge will become faster, and of course solving problems in Ruby will eventually become a lot more easy.

# 3 If You Stuck, Get Help!

As smart as you are, when we face some difficulties that we can’t solve, there is nothing wrong getting help from others. Even if you learn on your own, doesn’t mean that you must do everything on your own. Luckily, if there are no one around you that has good Ruby programming skills, you can connect to others via, of course, the holy internet! Join Ruby programming on social media, sign up at Stack Overflow and look around for solutions from others here. You can also post and answers to give help to others who has problems in learning or coding with Ruby.

# 4 If it is hard, don’t stop! Keep your chin up!

After solving several problems, reading several syntax, remembering lots of code, but you find it is still hard to get it into your head. When it happens, take a break. But don’t stop. 

Believe me, finding coding is hard doesn’t happens only to you. Everybody (well, maybe around 98% peoples around the world, who aren’t total geek) find it hard to code in the beginning. Even in the middle of your coding journey, maybe you will also get stuck and puzzled by your own code.