May 21, 2017
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5 Complete Beginner Steps to The World of Ruby on Rails Tutorial

If you are looking for Ruby on Rails tutorial, this is the right place to be. We will provide wide arrays of Ruby on Rails tutorial to smoothen up your learning process. It will be fun and enjoyable!

Gone are the day when we must go to one shop to another just to compare the price of an electronic device. Eveything is just a single click away today. Just open several tabs in google and ta-da! You will be looking at best electronic vendors with friendly price.

Your duty is over when you click that single button of ‘buy now’ in the corner of the website and your device will be delivered to you.There is no doubt that you must know how to compete in the online world if you really want your business to take off, and Ruby on Rails is a great way to do it.

What to do When You are a Complete Beginner

If you are a complete beginner in the world of programming language, it might be a little difficult for you to decide what to do or how to do it when it comes to Ruby on Rails. I mean, we all know how this programming language is one of the hottest one in the market and everyone is looking for Ruby on Rail’s expert. Setting up e-commerce web and launching a sophisticated app is Ruby’s niche, and we all know how these skills are highly on demand today.

You have enough knowledge to know that learning Ruby on Rails is worth it (big time!). You even have enough will power to start learning it. The only question is : Where to start?

Fear no more! We will guide you to every single step on what to do when you are new to the world of Ruby on Rails. You can check another post in this website to find your easy to chew Ruby on Rails tutorial, and start experimenting!

Meanwhile, read further to find 5 important lists on what you should do first when you are a complete beginner on the world of Ruby on Rails.


  • Make Sure You Know Why or How You’re Learning Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails have been used in so many big website like twitter, shopify, groupon, AirBnB, soundcloud, etc. The sites are running smooth and capable on processing huge amount of traffic inside. And yes, you can definitely build your own using this Rails.

Ruby on Rails is one of the best programming language for complete beginner and it is very beginner friendly. When another two jargon (phyton and javascript) of programming language is also widely used, Ruby on Rails is fun and human friendly. If you want to learn Ruby on Rails, make sure you know why and how you’re gonna do it.

Motivation is a major important part when you want to learn anything, especially something as complicated as programming language. One of the major question asked when it comes to learning Ruby on Rails is : How come it took me two hours just to do one single task?

You must know that this is actually very ordinary in the world of programming. In fact, this is the beauty of programming. It could makes you scratch your head for hours, maybe crying a little, but then that moment comes. That moment when your sweet victory comes to you and bring you a whole new program or even website. There is something addicting to it, and you will be addicted if you are the type of person who likes to be challenged.

Before you decided to dive in deeper in the world of programming, it is best to know that you are gonna need to be persistent, discipline, preserverence, and having a good work ethic.


  • Familiarize yourself with Ruby on Rails


You decided that you are strong enough to keep going on your Ruby on Rails journey. Good. The next thing to do is to try and familiarize yourself with Ruby on Rails.

What is Ruby on Rails? Who’s it founder? When did it found? Why?

Try to find out everything about Ruby on Rails, be it through websites, blogs, videos or books. There are tons of resources out there and you could begin reading. Develop your interest to this program. I’m sure if you familliarize yourself with the world of Ruby on Rails, you will feel like you are more invested in it. And those leads to another reasons to stay when you are facing a tough time coding (Which you will be later).

So get crazy and dive yourself to those hundreds of pages of Ruby on Rails Tutorial! Make sure you are ready for the next step.


  • Essential Packs You Should Prepare


Now, you have read many things about Ruby on Rails. You now knows that Ruby on Rails is a framework of Ruby language. They have friendly community who will help you when you have questions to ask. You even know that Ruby language is found in the middle of 1990s by A Japanese man called Yukihiro Matsumoto. Oh, and that ruby is a forgiving language. It will still responded to you when you forget to add () or {}. It doesn’t even matter!

Those facts and stories make your head burning with the desire of learning. Ruby on Rails seems like an interesting activities you could add to your life.

When you are visiting this step, there is one more thing to do : prepare the weapon necessary to start the war. You must download the essential packs you should prepare in order to start your very own programming activities.

Below are the apps that you need in order to start coding.

  1. Ruby language version 2.2.2 (or newer one)
  2. Development kit (if you are on Windows)
  3. Rubygems packaging system
  4. SQL Lte 3 database



  • Go to Places Offering Free Ruby on Rails Course and Join Ruby on Rails Community


This is an absolutely important steps that you cannot miss. When you are trying to do rails, there will be times when you feel down and want to give up. Whether the code never seems to working, a solution to your problem cannot find anywhere, or you just simply frustated with the amount of work you have put without getting nowhere.

This is when joining communities comes in handy. In dedicated forums, you can learn so many shortcuts and tips from those who are more experienced than you. You will receives help whenever you (nicely) ask them. You will get the motivation you need to keep going from them. Not everyone in your real life is gonna be interested in programming, so this is when internet forum is coming in handy.

Another thing to do is to follow Ruby on Rails course. These course will provide most profound Ruby on Rails tutorial you could ever make. You could invest a little bit of your money and time for a better quality, or just joining free courses that spreading out almost everywhere in the web.


  • START! Learning While Doing Simultaneously


We comes to this part now, the last part. The most important part in the history of doing anything : Start doing it.

Open the sheet and start experimenting. Read and read more about what to make and how to make it, practice it with your own devide. So many people learning coding and programming by looking at the expert doing it, and then they practice it themselves. You can do this.

Find a good learning source, pay attention to how the expert is doing stuffs, and go do your own project. When you are having difficulty or questions, you could always ask another people from the community you joined earlier. If you are joining a course on Ruby on Rails, this will be better, because it means that you could directly ask the coach and can expect answer right away.

If you need more help or want to check out more Ruby on Rails tutorial, you can always find and swim in another page of this website.

Don’t forget : Practice makes perfect.

Good luck!