May 23, 2017
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3 Essential Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Ruby on Rails Developer

So you have heard the magic of Ruby on Rails developer and decided that you want to get yourself one of those. Yep, yep. Who doesn’t.

Everyone else one the venue has promoted how a good and capable Ruby on Rails developer can turn your startup business into exquisite website with a lot of potential. User-friendly interface, easily loaded pages, and professional design should be your aim when you want to make your business strive. And hiring just the right Ruby on Rails developer is the best decision ever!

Sure, you will probably need to take couple hundred bucks to get the job done, but after that : profit, profit, profit! Right? Well.. hold that thought for a little while.

While it could be a good decision for you to hire a professional developer to handle your project, you might want to consider these things before decided to hire a particular person. These are the list of essential things you need to check out before giving your big project for someone to handle. Are they the right candidate to be your developer? Are they not?

Let’s find out!

  1. Make Sure That What You Really Need is A Ruby on Rails Developer

What kind of website/application that you’d like to build?

Is it a real time update website like twitter, facebook, trello, etc? If you want to make such website, I’d reccomend you to reconsider using Ruby on Rails developer because this is not what Ruby on Rails are specialized for. (Of course, there could always be improvs but it will save us much more money and time if we stick to language’s best purpose.). You could try dig Node.Js deeper and who knows : maybe this is the best options for you.

Do you need an application program interface for mobile device like those from Backbone, Knockout, Angular or Ember? Again, you should reconsider hiring a Ruby on Rails developer because what you need is not them. You could try Sinatra and Flask if this is your need.

Or, if you want to build an e-commerce business website with ordinary specks and menu. What you want here is a website that could just “Work fine” and “sell much”. Hiring a Ruby on Rails developer might not be the best decision for you if this is the case. Just set up wordpress site and hire an expert in wordpress if you are not sure how to build it from scratch.

Now, if you crossed those three options above and make sure that it is Ruby on Rails developer that you need, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Where to Find The Best Ruby on Rails Developer For Your Business

If you are new to the world of web development, let me tell you something : Ruby on Rails developers are like those hot guys in the middle of average citizens. Everyone want them. Yes, Ruby on Rails are one of the highest demand job nowadays and finding yourself a good Ruby on Rails developer could be a little tricky. The really good ones are probably out there working their jobs already.

If you really want to find a good people with trusted qualifications, you can try to find them in these places, with these useful tips.

a. Try to post your job on They have many good developer to work for you, and the best thing about this site is you get to interviewed your worker and make sure they are the best candidates for you. If you want to, you can also try to find them on Ruby on Rails job desk in places like, Job Board, and

b. Try Ruby on Rails forum. They often has its moderator participating in the forum still and they can help you find the best candidates for your project. You can participate and search for yourself,, or This tips is useful for you if you really want to get to know your developer better and make sure that they are qualified. You can do your bargaining here, making it very applicable for those of you with little bit more time and less budget.

c. If you just want the work to get done and effectively, I reccommend you to go to places that is famous already for providing high quality freelancers. These sites are and There is no risk-trial guarantee, and this can make you pay only if you are satisfied with the work of the developer your hired.

The salary for these web developers are varied, and you can surely choose the best price for your need. These salaries are ranged, but the average salary is $22.79/hr for web developer, $37.07/hr for software engineer and $54.84/hr for software developer. You can find it about it further on this website.

3. Make Sure That Your Ruby on Rails Developer is Competent

Okay, so you went to one of those sites we provided and manage to find someone that you think is perfect for your project. The only thing left now is to interview them, make sure that they really knows what they are doing. How could you do that? Find out below.

a. How Familiar They Are with Ruby?

This is one of the basic. Of course, a good developer knows the basic Ruby language and how to handle the code. Nowadays, you can go to one of these Ruby sites and claim that you are a developer in just a day. The important thing is this : a good developer spend much and much time handling codes and finding out solutions. They need a great deal amount of time to really get the jist of it, and those developer-wannabe just wont do. Make sure the people you hire knows Ruby well and “really well”

b. What is Their Testing Methodology?

Testing is the best way to find out that as you build the project, all the moving parts are stay working in order. Having a solid grasp on their testing methodology is an essential step for your developer to make sure that they are keeping things on track. Ask them about their testing methodology, and make sure they know the answer to it.

c. Database Technologies

Whether it is MySQL, PostgreSQL, or NoSQL, a good Rails developer have clear competency in database technologies to ensure integration with more advance operations. Every Rails developer needs to understand how their application access stored data and how to reduce load by streamlining data requests.

d. Gems

Gems are one of the good way to make sure that your developer is the right person to work on your project. Every good developer will have bundle of gems to make sure that they can simplify their work, which of course, makes them effective and efficient worker.

e. An Open Source Legacy

If they have contributed to Gems or even build gems of their own, this is a very good sign of a competent developer. Hire them quickly before you loose them for someone else. This signify huge work opportunity for them and they won’t be free any longer.

f. Design

A good developer who knows how to code, understand their way very well with HTML, CSS and Javascript is not too rare. Combine those skills with good eyes and taste in design and there you have it : your golden developer. Creativity is always good when you want to hire a Ruby on Rails developer because this means that your site/project will (almost) have a guarantee on attracting customers.

g. Portofolio

A good portofolio could never go wrong. Ask them about the project they did and what they think their best projects are. This could measure the developer’s competent and helps you so much in deciding whether or not this people is a right person for your project.

So now when you follow these steps and capable on finding your very own Ruby on Rails developer, just go ahead and assign your task! Your customers are waiting for you!

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